About Interways Works

Interways Works Limited Construction is a dynamic, company whose expertise lies in managing the construction process for renovating or building new facilities from the Irrigation Projects, Roads Construction, General Construction, Water Projects, Sewerage Systems Project and construction management and General Civil works. We have worked in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, DRC Congo, e.t.c . We commence by comprehending your project goals and budget constraints in their entirety. We then develop ingenious solutions to exceed your expectations. Our creative approach in consonance with our ability to bring a team of project-specific experts to your assignment whilst keeping costs in check forms the core of our Unique Selling Proposition: “Reliable Partners”


Road Construction

For more than four years Interways Construction has been a key partner in meeting the region’s insatiable demand for improved infrastructure.

Project & Construction Management

Interways provide a double pronged approach: Construction Manager as Agent and Construction Manager as Contractor.

Irrigation Projects

Construction of an irrigation system including a diversion barrage, main canal, and network of distribution canals.

Road Cleaning services

Keeping an eye along vast stretches of roadways across the desert land is not an easy task. The inundated roads with sand whether inside city or highways

General Construction

Interways Construction’s experienced team boasts of the expertise, commitment, and organizational skills required to make this traditional delivery method

Lean Construction

Interways embrace a Lean management approach, and a culture that emphasizes collaboration, reliability of scheduling


Interways Construction conducts research, pilot projects and case studies to support the development and implementation of new technology and best practice.

Interways has a culture of innovation and promotes advances in technology, sustainability, lean practices, building information modeling, safety, community involvement, learning and development, and knowledge sharing.

We recognize the right of our employees to a safe and healthy workplace. Interway’s culture embraces the principle of Safety and Living Injury Free Everyday with an expectation that all projects provide the safest workplace possible for our employees, contractors, clients and the community/General public.

The best opportunity to effect major cost savings occurs early in the construction process, our fondness is to get involved during a project’s visioning stage. This allows us to give the architect valuable input about costs, constructability, lead times for critical components, life cycle cost issues, systems analysis and numerous other elements that contribute significantly to the success and quality of your project.

Interways Construction has a set of sustainability standards for our offices and jobsites, including a site-specific Indoor Air Quality plan, a Construction Waste Management plan and a Construction Activity Pollution Prevention plan.

For starters, effective lines of communication are established with project owners and our design teams. Consequently, our expert team determines the level of preconstruction services desired on a bespoke project basis. Our involvement can be as plain as compiling a qualified subcontractor, supplier list or as intricate as managing all aspects of preconstruction. Whatever the level of indulgence, individual projects are accorded the time share and attention that define successful planning

On signing up with Interways Construction, clients benefit from having a single point of reference from project inception to completion. This approach goes a long way in trimming the overall project schedule by overlapping the project’s design and construction phases. Our highly collaborative process optimizes the team approach. Issues are resolved quickly within the design-build team. While this delivery method is often the most complex to manage for many a contractor; Interways Works Limited Construction’s experienced project managers and field supervisors make design-build an effective and highly successful option.


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