Interways Works Limited

About Us

Our Profile

Interways works Limited (IWL) is a fully Kenyan owned company with a portfolio of prestigious construction projects across Central and East Africa including the democratic republic of Congo.

We have been providing estate development, Project Construction management and civil works services to our customers who value the highest levels of quality and safety expertise.

Our Diverse portfolio encompasses energy, Water systems, Sewerage systems, Transportation, Road construction, Communication, mining, oil, gas, and government services. We currently have projects in dozens of locations across East Africa and, from Kenya, Kampala, Southern Sudan. No matter how challenging a project or how remote its location, chances are Interways can handle it. This is because we bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment to every job.

While we work for government and commercial customers, our projects have helped grow local economies and improve the quality of life for communities and people around where we work.

Time and again our work has demonstrated that the only limits on human achievement are those that we place on ourselves.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide projects with high quality construction development and management services in order to achieve safe and quality construction works.

Our Vision

At a strategic level - we strive to be the preferred contractor of choice and the market leader for both infrastructure and real estate development in East and Central Africa. At an industry level - to leverage our leadership role to enhance the image of the construction industry. At a social level - to build a brighter future for East Africans through our work, by contributing tangibly to sustainable economic and social development in the region.

Our Values

• Be commercially competitive; • Provide a safe and health workplace; • Act with honesty, integrity and fairness; • Establish clear lines of accountability; • Create a fun, challenging and performance driven culture; • Respect the environment; • Respect the needs of the communities in which we work; and • Encourage and support innovation and technological leadership.

Our People

Our people are the key to our success. We are proud to attract and retain highly skilled and specialized talent.  Through the collective effort and experience of our staff, we deliver high quality projects on time and within budget. This has enabled us to maintain and enhance strong, long-lasting relationships with many of our clients. 

The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance and we are committed to implementing comprehensive health and safety procedures, in full compliance with the relevant legislation and regulations.

We have built a distinct competitive advantage over the last 4 years by developing our people, investing in resources and adopting an integrated, cost-efficient and value-adding approach to doing business.

We have designed and built an integrated business team in order to deliver our mission and vision. We strive to ensure that we operate efficiently, maintain a competitive cost base and can continually enhance the reliability, flexibility and value of our work. In order to achieve this, we have put considerable investment into our plant and equipment, leveraging technology and adapting to new methods where appropriate.

Interways adhere strictly to the following Kenyan labor laws:

  • The Employment Act – 2007
  • Work Injury Benefit – 2007
  • Labor Relations Act – 2007
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act – 2007
  • Labor Institutions Act – 2007

The Company is fully licensed by the National Construction Authority (NCA) under the following Categories






Water Works:

–        Water Supply & Sewerage

–        Borehole Drilling Equipping & Servicing

–        Dam Construction





Electrical Engineering Services- Powerline






Building Works



Our Strategy

The Company’s business strategy is built on three critical elements: diversity, financial strength and people. It is these three elements, working in unison, that are key to our success.

The Company’s business strategy is based on diversity. A range of our services throughout the region, our unique brand of operations and our geographical variation has continued to ensure timely service delivery on different projects, Over the years, this has resulted in a progressive shift away from being a construction-only entity operating in one market to being a multi-faceted international  contractor. Today, Interways is a market leader in the Construction Industry in Kenya and East Africa.

Diversity has added momentum to our organization’s evolution into a financially strong and uniquely structured contracting and project development group with an expanded industry focus. It has also allowed the Group’s operating companies to utilize the full depth of their expertise and skills in a range of industries and market sectors, not just across Kenya, but also in, Southern Sudan, Burundi, Guinea, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Diversity has allowed the Company to navigate its ways through the cyclical nature of its key markets whilst still providing growth for its Director’s.

Like industries and economies that we operate in, the company also has its own cycles of growth and maturity, with a unique corporate culture and a depth of management that supports autonomy and competition across a variety of markets.

The company offers a total value-added service to clients supported by its financial strength.

Each of our offices maintains individual identities in the marketplace and has their own advisory board or management committee and distinct corporate culture. Each company has a high level of autonomy and responsibility, and each is encouraged to develop its own markets and clients relationships.