Interways Works Limited

Building Excellence in Road and Infrastructure Projects

Interways works Limited (IWL) is a fully Kenyan owned company with a portfolio of prestigious construction projects across Central and East Africa including the democratic republic of Congo. We have been providing estate development, Project Construction management and civil works services to our customers who value the highest levels of quality and safety expertise. Our Diverse portfolio encompasses energy, Water systems, Sewerage systems, Transportation, Road construction, Communication, mining, oil, gas, and government services. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures durable and efficient solutions for all your construction needs.

Brief Overview

With years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, Interways Works Limited delivers top-tier construction services across Kenya. Our expertise range from road construction and maintenance to infrastructure development and weighbridge operations.

We Follow Best Practices

Some services include:

  • Road Construction and Maintenance: Expertise in building and maintaining national, provincial, and urban roads.
  • Weighbridge Operations: Ensuring accurate and reliable cargo weight measurements.
  • Infrastructure Development: Developing essential infrastructure, including pedestrian footbridges and service lane roads.

Our Projects