Interways Works Limited

Weitethie and Jomoko Footbridge & Service Lane


Interways Works Limited undertook the construction of the Weitethie and Jomoko Footbridge and Service Lane project. This initiative aimed to enhance pedestrian safety and improve traffic flow in these busy areas by providing dedicated footbridges and service lanes.


  • Improve pedestrian safety by constructing footbridges.
  • Enhance traffic flow with dedicated service lanes.
  • Reduce congestion and improve accessibility in Weitethie and Jomoko.


  • Footbridge Construction: Safe, durable, and accessible footbridges for pedestrians to cross busy roads without interference from vehicular traffic.
  • Service Lanes: Dedicated lanes for service vehicles to improve traffic management and reduce congestion.
  • Safety Measures: Installation of lighting, railings, and signage to ensure the safety of pedestrians and drivers.