Interways Works Limited

Thika Town Roads

Project: Rehabilitation of Thika Town Roads (Construction of New Roads, Upgrading Existing Gravel Roads to Bituminous Level, and Drainage Works)

Client: KENHA
Location: Thika, Kenya
Completion Date: 2020 – 2023
Project Value: Kes.1,606,446,942.55


Interways Works Limited is leading the comprehensive rehabilitation of Thika Town roads. This project involves constructing new roads, upgrading existing gravel roads to bituminous level, and implementing effective drainage systems to improve infrastructure and enhance connectivity within Thika.


  • Construct new roads to expand the road network.
  • Upgrade existing gravel roads to durable bituminous surfaces.
  • Implement advanced drainage systems to prevent flooding and road damage.


  • New Road Construction: Building new roads to connect more areas within Thika, improving overall accessibility.
  • Road Upgrades: Transforming gravel roads into high-quality bituminous roads for better durability and smoother travel.
  • Drainage Systems: Installing modern drainage solutions to ensure efficient water runoff and protect road integrity.