Interways Works Limited

Project: Proposed Upgrading of Nyarugumo – Nderi Road 1.2KM to Bituminous Standards and Street Lighting in Kikuyu Municipality

Client: County Government of Kiambu Funded by the World Bank
Location: Kikuyu Municipality, Kenya
Completion Date: 2020 – 2021
Project Value: 53,967,805.00


Interways Works Limited is spearheading the upgrading of Nyarugumo – Nderi Road, spanning 1.2KM, to bituminous standards and installing street lighting in Kikuyu Municipality. This project aims to enhance road quality, safety, and accessibility for the local community.


  • Upgrade Nyarugumo – Nderi Road to bituminous standards for improved durability and driving conditions.
  • Install street lighting to enhance safety and visibility at night.
  • Improve overall infrastructure to support local development and connectivity.


  • Road Upgrading: Transforming the existing road into a bituminous surface for enhanced durability and smoother travel.
  • Street Lighting: Installing modern street lights to improve nighttime visibility and safety for pedestrians and drivers.
  • Quality Infrastructure: Utilizing high-quality materials and construction techniques to ensure long-lasting infrastructure.